Supporters of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro wave Brazilian flags during a motorcycle campaign rally in Pocos de Caldas, Brazil

Tense atmosphere as voters head to the polls in Brazil’s most diverse elections ever


Brazilians will vote in presidential elections on Sunday. They will also vote for a host of other government officials. This year, more Indigenous people, women and Black candidates are running for office than ever before.

US director, actor, screenwriter Melvin Van Peebles is seen during a tribute for his career at the 38th American Film Festival in Deauville, Normandy, France

This film professor says Melvin Van Peebles taught her that ‘when Hollywood is closing the door, you find your own way’

Arts, Culture & Media
Woman in church holding book and singing

American evangelicals are more diverse than ever. But some don’t want to be part of the ‘evangelical movement.’


Diversity and equality remain elusive in ballet

Girls with the “Rhythm of Light” dance troupe perform at a weekly farmer’s market in Anchorage’s Mountain View neighborhood.

Guess which state has America’s most diverse neighborhood? Hint: It’s not California, New York or Florida.

The Obama administration prepares to leave office, leaving a legacy of diversity behind.

Saying goodbye to the most diverse White House ever


As the White House changes hands this week, the demographics of the people who work there will also likely change drastically.

Donald Trump refuses to answer a question from Univision's Jorge Ramos at a 2015 press conference in Iowa

How journalists of color walk the line in newsrooms


Can “diverse” journalists be unbiased when the issue of diversity itself has become politicized?

Students in a classroom talking to each other at desks

California will soon provide ethnic studies classes for all high schoolers. Here’s why.


A Stanford study says providing high school students with ethnic studies courses may help them stay in school and stay engaged. California has passed a law to make them available at all high schools in the state.

Three men on seats on stage, with word ATLANTA behind them

Hashtags might not get your favorite actor the part, but studios do hear your pleas


#MakeMulanRight. #RyanPotterForTimDrake. #AAIronFist — these campaigns don’t always work perfectly, but they do get people’s attention on diversity.

Winter scene of a barn covered in snow

He’s lived in small towns across America — and it makes him look for pieces of home


It’s not that Deepak Singh craves hearing Hindi or eating hot samosas all the time. It’s just that something about being in a small town makes him crave them more.