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Woman in bandana leans over jars of green beans with permanent marker, writing on tops

Four months of food aid in Puerto Rico brought too much salt and sugar, say some recipients


FEMA sent 57 million meals to Puerto Rico in the four months after Hurricane Maria. The Queer Kitchen Brigade sent just 400 jars of produce, but they are hoping to impact the kinds of food people in prolonged disaster relief can expect.

A man is standing in front of an audience pointing at something. A woman stands next to the man.

After the California wildfires, community leaders are trying to rebuild homes — and trust in government agencies

Earthquake survivor Krishna Kumari Khadka is rescued from a collapsed building in Kathmandu by French, Israeli and Norwegian rescue teams six days after the April 25, 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

Five things the international community shouldn’t do after a disaster

The note reads, "You taught me to stay strong. It's your time now to stay strong Nepal."

The best way to help victims of the Nepal earthquake? Raise money and don’t try to travel there

A US Marine takes a gasp of air while loading humanitarian goods into helicopter as part of relief efforts in the Philippines following Super Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

What do American troops have to do with medical emergencies? A lot

Graffiti calling for help after Typhoon Haiyan devastated Tacloban city, in the central Philippines.

The pace of relief is finally rising in the Philippines

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A full-scale relief effort has been slow to emerge in Tacloban, a Philippine city ripped to shreds by last week’s typhoon. BBC reporter Jonathan Head describes a growing sense of panic and fear, but also the the first signs that aid is finally ramping up and on the move.

Relief supplies for Haiyan victims

Read these 3 tips before you offer help to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan


It’s hard to see the devastation in the Philippines without wanting to do something to help. Reporter Amy Costello covers the business of doing good and has this advice for helping.