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Fiction writer Timothy Westmoreland has type 1 diabetes, a chronic illness that need not be, for most people today, catastrophic. But for Westmoreland the illness has been about as bad as can be — and has led him to specialize in fiction about characters who deal (and don’t deal) with their chronic ailments. Jerome Weeks […]

Woman in bandana leans over jars of green beans with permanent marker, writing on tops

Four months of food aid in Puerto Rico brought too much salt and sugar, say some recipients

Diabetes test

‘Implicit bias’ may account for a glaring disparity in health care screening

An ad from the pro-soda tax campaign in three Bay Area cities. Public health researchers say Berkeley's 2015 soda tax has reduced consumption of sugary drinks by 21 percent.

Grocers and health advocates are at odds over an Oakland ‘soda tax’ — and low-income communities are on the front line

Two boba milk teas, close up

Too much boba is bad for you. California’s new data law could show who’s most at risk.

Global Politics
Soda cans

Diabetes is finally on the decline in the US


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the number of new diabetes cases in the US has finally started to fall.


This Iraqi couple fled ISIS but face another enemy in the US — diabetes


Being new to the US can be challenging enough. Now add managing your diabetes in a new culture and language. A project in California is offering help.

Ronald Evans

A new type of diet pill could be a major breakthrough in treating obesity and a range of diseases


Your body has automatic, biological ways for reacting to eating. Now scientists think tapping into that biological process could allow them to roll back diabetes, obesity and a host of intestinal illnesses.

Cambodian children

The Khmer Rouge may be partly to blame for diabetes in Cambodia

Health & Medicine

Adult-onset diabetes is increasingly common in Cambodia, yet many Cambodian diabetics don’t exhibit the usual risk factors. Could the country be experiencing a delayed effect of famine in the 1970s?

Children with Type 2 diabetes not responding to drug treatment

Health & Medicine

A new study has found that Type 2 diabetes, the kind linked with obesity, progresses more rapidly and is harder to treat in children than in adults. Children more commonly have Type 1 or juvenile diabetes. But recently, Type 2 has become a problem as well.