Cultural anthropology

A student of Khmer descent learns Kinh language (the official Vietnamese language) at the Lac Hoa Primary School in Soc Trang province.

The language apocalypse is coming, and many tongues are already all but dead


Humans speak 6,000 languages, but half of them will disappear within the next 50 years. Even today, some ancient tongues have only one remaining speaker. The new PBS film, “Language Matters,” looks at the languages that are struggling to survive.

How does a family show its support for a son who’s just come out? A rainbow Christmas

Global Scan

Mongolian way of life threatened by dramatic climate change


Lessons from Traditional Societies on Raising Children, Caring for the Elderly

Koreans Celebrate Christmas with Mass Blind Dating Flash Mob

If We Had a Billion Dollars, We’d Buy Unicorns and Trips to Space

This week, the Powerball reached $550 million, the highest it’s ever been. And last night, two lucky ticket holders – in Missouri and Arizona – won the jackpot. But how does one even begin to spend $550 million? The Barenaked Ladies came up with a pretty good list of what they’d buy if they had […]

Jill Lepore on the End of It All

When does life begin? When does it end? In the political climate of the 21st century, as candidates spar over abortion and death panels, everyone seems to have a different opinion. History tells a different story.   The answer to life’s questions used to be easy. Early Americans imagined their lives to be ruled by destiny, […]

Video: Climate Change Threatens to Transform Mongolia

Lifestyle & Belief

Mongolia’s nomadic herders make up more than half the country’s population, but their traditional lifestyle is seriously threatened by climate change.

Music Heard on Air for March 12, 2012

Music Heard on Air

Tunes spun on The World between our reports for March 12, 2012. Artists featured are: Selffish, Khaira Arby, Habib Koite, Lorelei Loveridge, Toubab Krewe.

Music Heard On Air For February 21, 2012

Music Heard on Air

Tunes spun on The World between our reports for February 21, 2012. Artists featured are: Drumagick, Lorelei Loveridge, Kalaban Coura, Moriba Koita, Afrolicious.