Forest burning

A super-simple strategy may be key to fighting climate change


A new study shows paying landowners in Uganda not to cut down their trees works and is a cost-effective way to reduce carbon emissions.

Scott Pruitt

Here’s why new EPA chief Pruitt is ‘absolutely wrong’ about CO2 and climate change

Green plants

Plants are ramping up photosynthesis, helping absorb all our carbon dioxide

Can humans replicate this wonder of nature, to help in the battle against climate change? Leaves, and the photosynthesis that powers them, suck CO2 out of the air and turn it into a valuable raw material. Scientists are trying to do the same, and use the

Take air. Suck out CO2. Make fuel. A lab advance hints at a future for artificial photosynthesis

Trees and other green plants are nature's tools for sucking CO2 out of the air, but scientists say there aren't nearly enough trees to remove all the waste gas we've put into the atmosphere. So some are trying to create new devices that work like trees —

Is an artificial tree part of the solution to climate change? These guys think so.

The Houston Ship Channel stretches 52 miles from the Gulf of Mexico to the city of Houston. Sea levels have risen 2.2 feet over the last century at Galveston, the main barrier island protecting the Ship Channel from a big storm.

The ‘Texas miracle’ is fueling huge economic growth — and the climate change that may end it


Texas is the biggest climate polluter in the U.S. It’s also is also extremely vulnerable to some of the impacts of climate change. But the state’s most prominent politicians say they don’t believe that climate change is real. It all adds up to a big problem for Texas and the rest of us.