Climate forcing agents

Syed Sajjad Ali inspects tomatoes planted inside a Kheyti greenhouse.

This greenhouse innovation helps farmers in India cope with climate change

The Big Fix

The “greenhouse-in-a-box” is part of a solution designed to help smallholder farmers cope with the vagaries of a changing climate. The design, essentially a low-cost, scaled-down version of a standard greenhouse, is the brainchild of an Indian startup called Kheyti.

Khadija Mohamed al-Makhzoumi is Somalia's first environment and climate change minister.

Somalia’s first environment minister aims to alleviate suffering from climate disasters

Climate Change
A sun sets behind a cloud over a grey body of water

Arctic permafrost is starting to thaw. Here’s why we should all care.

The Big Melt
Tropical forest Indonesia

Tropical forests are becoming net carbon producers, instead of carbon sinks

Smokestack and trees

As global carbon dioxide levels climb, plants are becoming better at photosynthesis