"Judy's  Hand  Pavilion," 2018, by Tony Tasset

Cleveland’s move to the front lines of contemporary art


Cleveland welcomes more than 100 global artists into 28 venues for an ambitious city-wide art takeover.

Design for the Real World: Ballpark

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People cheer in the Quicken Loans Arena during the Republican National Convention

‘Lock her up!’: A guide to some of the RNC’s most popular chants

Daniel Melendez is program director for TSJ Media, which runs three Spanish-language radio stations in Ohio, including La Mega, and puts out out Spanish-language newspapers and magazines all over the Mid-West.

Cleveland’s La Mega radio tries to unite diverse Latin American communities


As lockout drags on, more regular people finding their paychecks shrinking

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Rust Belt cities, like Pittsburgh, trying to lure more immigrants

Long before Detroit’s meltdown, there was Pittsburgh’s.     “It’s a pretty safe bet that Pittsburgh suffered the worst economic setback of any region in the United States in the second half of the 20th century,” said Bill Flanagan, who is helping spearhead development here with the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. “By 1983, the […]

Cleveland Alarmed After Abduction Case

Cleveland is feeling a mix of emotions this week after the discovery and rescue of three young women who were kidnapped 9, 10, and 11 years ago and held captive in a residential home for years. The community is celebrating their safe return, but there are also questions and alarm. Amanda Berry went missing in […]

How to Emerge from Default and Debt: Lessons from Cleveland

In December 1978, Cleveland, Ohio became the first in the United States to default on its debts since the Great Depression. The city, soon nicknamed “Mistake by the Lake,” owed six banks a total of $15 million. It took 22 months — and a new mayor, George Voinovich — for the city to regain financial […]

Top of the Hour: One in Seven US Metro Regions Won’t Restore Jobs, Morning Headlines

The slow economic recovery is becoming the new normal for millions of Americans. A report out this morning shows that 50 U.S. metro regions–or one in seven nationwide–are unlikely to bring back all the jobs lost in the recession until after the year 2020. That means more than a decade of recession for cities like […]

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School Yard Turns Wild

An elementary school in suburban Ohio has turned part of its grounds into an outdoor classroom and wetlands education project. With this experimental land-lab, students learn about biodiversity first hand. Robin Finesmith reports from Living on Earth’s Midwest Bureau at WCPN, Cleveland.