Haitians line up outside an immigration office as they wait their turns to apply for a passport, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Jan. 10, 2023.

‘Haiti has zero elected officials’ as cholera, gang violence persist, journalist says

Conflict & Justice

As of Monday, Haiti no longer has any democratically elected government officials, after the terms for the remaining senators in government expired. Journalist Widlore Mérancourt, editor-in-chief of AyiboPost, discusses the worsening situation with The World’s host Marco Werman.

Two Haitians protest with a pink sign against UN peacekeeping mission that caused a massive cholera epidemic.

10 years on, UN officials reflect on Haiti cholera epidemic caused by peacekeeping mission

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A woman stands near the corner of a house next to a flooded field.

In Idai’s wake, aid groups worry about ‘double tragedy’ of cholera

Climate Change
Woman leans over hospital bed to give her daughter rehydration fluid at a cholera treatment center in Sanaa.

Unpaid doctors and nurses fight largest cholera epidemic on record

A young girl in Ganyiel’s health clinic watches her 3-year-old sister who is sick with cholera. Her mother brought her over from Tayar island to seek treatment in the clinic.

Cholera stalks ‘refugee islands’ in swamplands of South Sudan

The World

Can cholera in Haiti be controlled?

Health & Medicine

As Haiti fights a cholera outbreak in its river valley region, all eyes turn to Port-au-Prince where over a million displaced people still live in cramped, unsanitary tent cities. We talk with Ian Rawson and Dr. Joia Mukherjee.

A cholera epidemic stalks Zimbabwe

Health & Medicine

A humanitarian crisis is developing as a raging outbreak of cholera has struck thousands in the troubled African nation of Zimbabwe.

Soap recycling helps Haiti

Health & Medicine

With easily preventable illnesses killing thousands of children every day, discarded hotel soaps can make the difference between health and deadly illness.

Cuban Government Confirms Cholera Outbreak in Havana

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Cuba has confirmed there’s been a cholera outbreak in Havana. The announcement came after days of rumors in the Cuban capital, as doctors checked neighborhoods house by house for potential cholera cases.

Haiti Charges UN With Responsibility for Cholera Outbreak

Lawyers representing the families of thousands of people who died of cholera in Haiti are planning to sue the United Nations for wrongful death. The lawyers say U.N. peacekeeper troops  inadvertently brought cholera to Haiti from Nepal after the 2010 earthquake that decimated the country. Since the cholera outbreak began in 2010, nearly 7,000 people have […]