Chinese Americans

Filmmaker Crystal Kwok speaks to a customer at shop featured in the film,"Blurring the Color Line."

‘I want people to have uncomfortable conversations’: A new documentary explores Chinese and Black relations in the Jim Crow South


Crystal Kwok is the director of “Blurring the Color Line,” a new documentary about her family’s experience in Augusta, Georgia, and the relationships between Chinese Americans and Black people during the Jim Crow era.

Three women walking on the sidewalk.

A family of lawyers fought to clear their name. Now their story is in an Oscar-nominated documentary.

Young man at podium in press conference with signs behind him

This college freshman is worried about affirmative action — but not that it will keep him out of Harvard

The cover image of the New Super-Man comic by DC Comics and writer Gene Luen Yang.

DC Comics’ Chinese Superman rights a wrong dating back to 1937