Photographers are huddled around a protest on the sidewalk. There are newspapers laid out on the sidewalk, drizzled in red paint to look like blood, while a person wearing a skull mask pretends to lay dead next to them. The words "No mas" are written.

Officials: 2017 was Mexico’s most violent year in two decades


More than 23,000 were murdered in 2017 and more than 190,000 have died in drug-related violence in the last decade as officials battle cartels.

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Kolkata by VII photographer Ed Kashi

Walk the streets of Kolkata and ask yourself, can I take a bad picture?

Members of a band record a narcocorrido in downtown Culiacan, Mexico.

Mexico’s ‘narco state’ gets a cultural boost from new, more gory pop ballads

People carry photographs of missing students during a march in Acapulco on October 17, 2014. On September 26, police allegedly linked to a criminal gang shot dead at least three students and abducted dozens of others during clashes in the southwestern cit

‘If they are going to kill us, let them kill us for a just cause,’ say Mexican citizens


Obama Visits Mexico, With Focus on Trade and Immigration, Not Drugs

Back in 2006, President Felipe Caldoran declared war on Mexico’s drug cartels and soon after, drug-related activity in a few Mexican states escalated to a war across the entire republic. In just five years, forty-five thousand Mexicans disappeared, died, or fell victim to mass executions all related to the drug trade. But since President Enrique […]

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US, Mexico to meet on drug war strategy

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Anchor Marco Werman talks with Fred Burton of the global intelligence firm, Stratfor, about an upcoming meeting tomorrow between US and Mexican officials. Mexico is seeking more help in its fight against the drug cartels.

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Juarez Professor on a Bloody Year for Mexico

On this last day of 2010 we revisit the story taking place in Ciudad Juarez, in Mexico. It’s a story that we’ve been sad to return to repeatedly, not just this last year, but over the last four years. Yesterday we heard reports of four more dead in the longstanding Mexican drug war between drug […]

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Violence and fear escalates in Mexico as the drug cartels tighten their grip

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Drug-related violence in Mexico has killed more that 3,000 people this year, and a new BBC survey says nearly half of the country is cowering in fear from warring drug cartels.
Guest: Emilio San Pedro, Americas Editor, BBC World Service

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Questioning Mexico’s anti-drug strategy

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Mexico has seen a sharp spike in the number of murders, shoot-outs and kidnappings. Much of the violence is related to Mexico’s powerful drug cartels. The World’s Lorne Matalon reports that some Mexicans are now demanding that the government change its strategy for fighting the cartels.