cars on streets

90% of the cars on Ghana’s roads are imported used cars. Many are polluting or unsafe.


US consumers have plenty of reasons to snap up electric vehicles. They are helping the US meet its climate goals, and new owners may qualify for a tax credit. But some of their old cars end up on roads across Africa. These vehicles provide vital transportation in poor countries, but they also cause pollution and are unsafe.

a custom vw beetle in mexico

Goodbye, old friend: VW Beetle ceases production

A red car and a large salt truck drive on a snowy road next to a mountain.

Can bacteria help us prevent salt damage to concrete roads and bridges?


Car Alarms

Arts, Culture & Media

Car Alarms

Arts, Culture & Media

Desert Planes and Automobiles

Arts, Culture & Media

I’ve just spent a fascinating day in the desert an hour and a half north of Los Angeles. It was an Art Center College of Design field trip. First stop was a hangar-cum-workshop at the Mojave airport — officially, and very grandly, the Mojave Air and Space Port — where I met Jon Sharp, a […]

Big Boy Drive-In

Arts, Culture & Media

It’s like an amazing ad hoc auto museum, with open hoods and idling engines. Every week hundreds of car nuts gather at this diner parking lot in Burbank, CA to show off their big, beautiful, all-American machines. Produced by Studio 360’s Derek John.

Hot Rod Chicks

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Julie Fisher takes us for a spin in her 1959 Chevy El Camino and asks why all new cars are “boxes or bubbles.” And Coco Shinomiya tells us her old car is way more reliable than her new one. Produced by Suzie Lechtenberg.

The World

No Particular Place to Go

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‘No Particular Place to Go’ as Chuck Berry sang in 1964 is as good a metaphor as any to describe the current plight of the U.S. auto industry. It was just announced that the once mighty Pontiac is no more, and at least two of the Big Three are in serious danger of being relegated […]

Desert Hot Rods

Arts, Culture & Media

Gene Winfield has been creating futuristic cars for nearly 50 years, including the vehicles in “Blade Runner” and the Delorean in “Back to the Future.” At 82, he’s still working. Studio 360’s Derek John headed into the Mojave Desert to see Winfield’s custom hot rod shop.