Carbon neutrality

Akureyri is one of the few places in Iceland with forest.

This small Icelandic city thinks big about going green

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The small town of Akureyri, in Iceland, has set itself a big goal: to become the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2030. It hopes that going green can serve as a model for other places.

In this photo provided by the Saudi Royal Palace, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, right, greets US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry during the Green Initiative Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 25, 2021.

Oil giant Saudi Arabia says it wants to get to net-zero emissions by 2060. But critics question its roadmap.

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In this Sept. 2, 2021, file photo provided by the US Department of State, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry attends a meeting with Yang Jiechi, director of China's Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs

US Climate Envoy John Kerry heads to China with a ‘clean energy revolution’ message, adviser says

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A solar panel installation is seen in Ruicheng County in central China's Shanxi Province, Nov. 27, 2019. China's Premier Li Keqiang announced that the country would target a reduction of 18% in carbon intensity over the course of the next five years as pa

China’s moderate climate goals allow emissions to continue to rise

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A smokestack burns in the distance of a rugged area with dried leaves and grass.

China launches world’s largest carbon market

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Forests cover about 80% of the Maritime Provinces of eastern Canada. Around half of that land is owned by smallholders.

Can carbon offsets preserve Canadian woodlands?

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Carbon offsets have been gaining popularity and attention as a solution to climate change. While many offsets projects have major pitfalls, some forestry experts in Canada’s Maritimes Provinces see carbon offsets as a powerful way to change forest management.

The bust of French statesman Robert Schuman, one of the founders of the European Union, is seen while environmental activists launch a hot air balloon during a demonstration outside of an EU summit in Brussels, Belgium, Dec. 10, 2020.

5 years into Paris agreement, net-zero pledges are boosting optimism

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Climate negotiators are still considering how best to drastically cut carbon emissions to meet the ambitious targets of the landmark accord, a half-decade on.

Copenhagen sets ambitious goal to be carbon-neutral in little more than a decade


Copenhagen is already one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in the country. More than a third of its commutes happen by bike. A majority of its energy comes from wind power. And now, a big portion of its cooling is done by ocean water. And it has its sights on an ambitious goal.

Microsoft pledges to become carbon neutral


Software giant Microsoft hopes to become carbon neutral by tracking and self-taxing its carbon output and investing in clean energy and efficiency.

Maldives working to be carbon-neutral by 2020


About two years ago, the Maldives announced the nation would be carbon-neutral by 2020. That’s a tall order for a country that spends 15 percent of GDP on diesel fuel, but work is progressing toward that goal.