Some 160 Ukrainian refugees — mostly women and young children — are being housed at a shelter in Calais while they wait for their visas to go to the UK.

Ukrainian refugees trying to get to the UK are stuck in the French port city of Calais 


For the more than 17,000 Ukrainians who have applied for UK visas under the Ukrainian Family Scheme, the application process has created a bottleneck in Calais.

Abdul Saboor, an award-winning Afghan photographer in France, documents a soccer game at a refugee encampment in Calaís, France.

This Afghan photographer captures life in Calaís migrant encampments

A young refugee on the outskirts of Quai Andrieux in Calais, France, after a meal distribution, July 25, 2017.

Photos: As migrants return to Calais, French police try to stop the birth of a new ‘Jungle’


Migrants are returning to Calais, France, and residents aren’t sure how to cope

British volunteer Tally Oliver took a leave from her job in the UK and loaded her car with provisions to help migrant families in the camp at Grande-Synthe. "It's a humanitarian crisis that we all have to take responsibility for."

A migrant camp in northern France has grown so big it’s now ‘a village within the town’

A migrant boy guards his parents' suitcase, as the family waits all day to apply for asylum in Berlin.

Not like Airbnb: Germans open their doors and their wallets to share apartments with immigrants


Anti-immigrant sentiment may be on the rise in Germany, but some residents are opening their doors to share homes with newcomers.

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France breaks up Afghan migrant camps

Conflict & Justice

This week French police cleared out one camp known as ‘the jungle,’ where hundreds of illegal migrants had been making their home in unsanitary conditions. Emma Jane Kirby, the BBC’s Paris correspondent, was there and joins us with the story.

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French authorities raid migrant camp

Global Politics

The World’s Laura Lynch that French authorities raided a migrant camp in Calais , in northern France. The camp was used by hundreds of illegal migrants as the last stop on the way to a better life across the English Channel in Britain.

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Geo quiz and geo answer

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Today we’re looking for the French town where you land after crossing the British Channel by ferry. The answer is Calais. That’s where a unique trek by 28-year-old Briton Mark Boyle came to an abrupt halt. Boyle was planning to WALK all the way to India from Calais. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with him to find out what went wrong.