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Russia’s RT is contesting the very meaning of ‘truth’

RT wants “to create chaos by suggesting there is no such thing as objective truth, rather there are simply dozens of competing narratives.”

Hollywood stars hawking products in Russian ads

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Strauss-Kahn case may collapse over doubts about accuser

Robopocalypse: a summer thriller on robots

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Land grab in Africa by global hedge funds, American universities

Eric Goldberg

Presenting the new sound of PRI’s The World


The familiar song that starts PRI’s The World won’t be quite as familiar today. Our signature tune is getting an update after 18 years, and composer Eric Goldberg explains how he gave a fresh sound to our theme.

Soldiers in the production booth during a talk show at Galey Tzahal, Israel Army Radio’s news talk channel.

Here’s how Israel gets its music and news — from teenaged soldiers


The radio stations that dominate Israel’s airwaves have one thing in common: They’re run by Army Radio, which supplies the country with its most popular news and music channels. That means young recruits are supplying Israelis with some of their biggest and most important stories.

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PRI’s “Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen” explores art’s creative influence and transformative power in everyday life. Through richly textured stories and insightful conversation about everything from opera to comic books, PRI’s “Studio 360” presents ideas that are provocative, moving, and always engaging. Hosted by novelist and journalist Kurt Andersen, the series is a lively forum for the arts and culture that challenges listeners’ perceptions of the world.

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The World

The Takeaway 20110131 – Segment 2

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