Bottled water

Bottles of water

A tiny Michigan town is in a water fight with Nestle


Global food conglomerate Nestle is in a battle with critics in tiny Osceola Township, Michigan, where residents complain the Swiss company’s water extraction techniques are ruining the environment.


While Flint waits, Nestle pumps Michigan water on the cheap


Germans stick to their bottled water as tap tries to gain foothold

Global Politics

Nigeria turns to empty plastic bottles to build homes in remote villages


Italy says addio to bottled water

Eco-Friendly Taste-Test

“The World” determines whether carbon negative Fiji water tastes better than tap water.

Love for Bottled Water: Germans Turned off by the Tap

Germans may be “green” but they love their bottled water. For many Germans, it’s unthinkable to drink tap water, even though it is good, clean and free. Now there’s an effort underway to get Germans to give up the bottle in favor of the tap.

Audience Letters

Recent listener comments responding to our segments on bottled water, horse whispering, and single child families.

The World

The Thirst for Safe Water: Part 5 – The Benefits of Bottled Water

Over the last couple of months, Living on Earth has been exploring the problems confronting America’s drinking water supply from concerns about pesticides in rural areas and industrial pollutants from factories, to potentially-deadly microbes and the dangers of some of the chemicals used to kill them. These aren’t problems that every American has to worry […]

California Women Water Health Concern

Researchers suggest that Californians should boil or filter tap water, or use reliable bottled water. Based on a study of 5,000 pregnant women there just published in the journal Epidemiology, pregnant women who drink a lot of tap water could be at increased risk for miscarriage if the water contained high levels of chlorine by-products […]