As hurricane season nears in Puerto Rico, a doctor tries to help pregnant women prepare themselves

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Carmen Zorrilla, an obstetrician in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s main public hospital and the principal investigator at the Maternal-Infant Studies Center, heard of several unplanned home births after the storm. It worried her.

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In Japan, working mothers battle overwork culture

Infant in delivery room

How important is breast milk and delivery method to a newborn’s health?

A newborn baby rests on a blanket just a few hours after being born.

More mothers are choosing ‘home’ when deciding where they want to give birth

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Russia’s looking to improve the quality of its maternity care — but it has a long way to go

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Ana María Bolege, nine months pregnant in Peru

Video: Peru creates a special place for expectant mothers to wait — and wait

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In rural Peru, women are encouraged to spend their last weeks of pregnancy in special residential facilities that offer comfort and care. But the waiting remains difficult.

A Mobile Ear for Pregnancy Problems

A group of students from Uganda have come up with a high-tech version of the Pinard horn, a 19th century tool for diagnosing problems during pregnancy.