Bird migration

ICARUS cosmonaut space station

New ICARUS tracking system helps scientists unlock mysteries of migration


Information collected from orbiting satellites can tell us a lot about the weather, our changing climate and abundant life on Earth. Thanks to advances in technology, soon we may be able to watch, in real-time, the movements and migration of tiny winged species, including insects.

Bird migration

As the climate changes, migratory birds are losing their way

Scarlet tanager

Spring’s uncertain arrival poses problems for migrating birds

Snow geese migration

New Interior ruling threatens to undo protections of migratory birds


Animal populations plummeting at Nairobi National Park

The World

Birdnote ®/Migration – Long, Short and In-Between

Migration; Long, Short , And In Between- As fall settles in many birds are heading south in search of warmer weather, some are long distance travelers, while others head for the hills.

Endangered birds survive hurricanes during migration, only to be killed by hunters


A pair of whimbrels had survived a hurricane and had nearly completed their lengthy, 3,000 mile migration when they were shot from the sky by hunters in the Caribbean country of Guadeloupe.

Saving birds from BP’s Oil

Millions of birds are migrating south over the next few months. Nonprofits and an obscure government agency are trying to save them from dying in the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Monarch Migration

Monarch butterflies famously migrate from Mexico to the northern US each spring. New research suggests that temperature plays a large role in signaling the butterflies to get moving.

Bird Population on Decline in Britain


A new report shows a sharp decline in the number of birds in the UK. There is a similar trend in US. Anchor Marco Werman gets details from one of the repor’s authors, Richard Gregory of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.