Bilingual education

Child looks at camera while sucking thumb

In Arkansas, schools are supposed to teach in English. Here’s how one district gets around it.


Mentors and liaisons in Springdale are determined to help Marshallese students preserve their language and culture, despite state law. And they hope their programs can grow.

Girl sitting with other students look to side

Once, students were punished for speaking Spanish. Here, they are honored.

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Bilingual education: The cost of doing nothing

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Bilingual education in the South: Confronting the challenges

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Bilingual education in the South: When teachers and students connect across cultures

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Bilingual education in the South: It is happening, even here


The number of Latinos in US schools is rising faster than any other group. And their share of the school population is rising fastest in the South.


Immigrant kids have it better than their parents when it comes to English


Immigrants to the US have many challenges. One of them is to keep up with their children when it comes to English, so they can stay involved with their kids’ education.


Wanted: Bilingual teachers. And here’s how one school is filling the gap


The number of English language learners in the US is growing fast, but the shortage of bilingual teachers is not. One Texas school district is finding a fix across the border.

English Immersion: The Bilingual Education Debate

In the last 15 years, California, Arizona, and Massachusetts have all replaced bilingual education with English immersion programs as a way to address the achievement gap between native and non-native speakers. Statistics show that only 11 percent of California's English learners reached proficiency last year. How to teach new immigrants English has become an increasingly […]

Does Banning Bilingual Education Change Anything?

The World in Words

In this week’s World in Words podcast, what happens after a state bans bilingual education? And toilet talk with a US vs UK English expert.