An auto rickshaw driver pushes his vehicle next to a banner that says only those vehicles with QR codes will be given fuel at a fuel station in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Amid fuel crisis in Sri Lanka, bicycling is no longer a ‘poor person’s mode of transport’


Bike shops in Sri Lanka’s largest city have reported higher sales — with the largest domestic bike manufacturer seeing a 300% increase in demand.

Bike fishermen use a giant claw to remove bikes and other detritus from the Amsterdam canals. The bikes are deposited on a trash barge, and later recycled for scrap.

Where people are paid full-time, with benefits, to fish for bikes

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Here’s what you can do with a whimsical idea and a whole lot of leg power

Degheri coFounder Matt Saunders sits with the team's "Cargo Bike" outside a shopping district in downtown Beirut, Degheri messengers are trying to attract clients by offering to bike their groceries home for them.

For a bike messenger, Beirut may be the worst city ever

London’s cycling ‘superhighways’ prove to be super dangerous

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Bamboo bicycles for eco-conscious consumers

Bicycle frames made of bamboo will be available for sale in the US next year — they’re eco-friendly, extremely durable and made in Zambia.