For the last year, construction workers have passed by Darby Wells en route to the border to build the Trump administration’s 30-foot, steel bollard wall. President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to stop the wall’s construction, but there are still big questio

Under a Biden presidency, what will become of Trump’s border wall? 


The Trump administration is expected to finish some 450 miles of border wall by the end of the year, and Indigenous groups on both sides of the border are looking to the future. 

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Discussion: Mobilizing Latino voters — perspectives from Texas and Arizona

Every 30 Seconds
Reyna Montoya is an Arizona resident and the founder of Aliento, an immigrant aid organization.

Why is Arizona trending blue? Ask Latinos and immigrants who live there.

A man pours beer into a glass from a growler as several people are seated around a table.

This tour group takes you beyond the border to Nogales’ culinary scene

A young man sits at a table and talks with his mother.

Getting legal status opened the path to college for this Arizona immigrant family

A group of young people walk in front of the Arizona state Capitol.

As DACA fix remains elusive, Arizona ‘Dreamers’ focus on in-state tuition


Young, undocumented immigrants in Arizona are asking lawmakers to help make college more accessible to them.

People stand in auditorium-like room in front of folding table with a clipboard on it, surrounding a woman, in support

Republicans are vulnerable in Arizona, but it’s about more than the so-called ‘Latino vote’


Will Latino candidates bring out more Democratic voters in Arizona? The answer might depend on how Latinos feel about the border.

Intentional Flaws

Arts, Culture & Media

There’s a common notion that Navajo weavers have a tradition of deliberately including a small error in each rug or blanket they make. But is it true? Three weavers in Arizona talk about the concept of the purposeful artistic flaw.

Matt Moore

Arts, Culture & Media

The unrelenting sprawl of tract houses and big box stores has made its way to Wadell, Arizona, outside of Phoenix, pushing out small farms. Matt Moore’s family has farmed there for decades, and before his farm becomes a subdivision, he decided to make art about it, by plowing the floor plans of tract houses into […]

Los Suns

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Last fall Studio 360 looked at how the NFL used throwback jerseys to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the old American Football League. Those uniforms used design to honor the game’s past. But now the NBA’s Phoenix Suns are using uniform design to try to impact the present. Yesterday the team celebrated Cinco de Mayo […]