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Middle East unrest as the Ramadan holiday begins

Syria’s government cracked down on democratic protesters in the city of Hama on Sunday, leaving as many as 130 dead.

Amira Mikhail, an Egyptian-American activist.

From thousands of miles away, an activist tries to keep change alive in Egypt

Anne Alfred

This Egyptian singer says forgive, don’t hate

Low-level power-brokers under Mubarak stand to win in upcoming parliamentary elections

Revenge of the remnants: Egypt’s new ‘felool’ consolidates

Militant Islamist fighters hold the flag of ISIS while taking part in a military parade along the streets of northern Raqqa province in this June 30, 2014 file photo.

Oil prices have collapsed, but oil-rich ISIS says it’s still in the black

A man walks past graffiti denouncing US drone strikes in Yemen painted on a wall in Sana'a on November 13, 2014.

This American reporter survived a botched kidnapping in Yemen


After 11 years of traveling to and writing about Yemen, American journalist and scholar Gregory Johnsen was nearly kidnapped there earlier this year. He says it’s a sign of how much more dangerous and unforgiving the country has become for Americans.

Reporter Laura Kasinof covering the inauguration of Yemeni President Abdurabbu Mansour Hadi, February 2012.

How one woman stumbled into a violent uprising in Yemen


Laura Kasinof never expected to become a war correspondent, but her calm life in Yemen gave her a front-row seat to protests and violence as the Arab Spring reached the country. Now Kasinof has written a book about her experiences and shares her fears about Yemen’s future.

A tweet from Iyad el-Baghdadi, a prominent online activist who's now seeking asylum in Norway.

The Arab Spring was no failure, says one activist who refuses to give up


Four years since they began, the verdict seems clear: The Arab uprisings failed. But one online activist — who’s been deported, jailed and is now seeking asylum in the West — says not so fast. He refuses to give up on the original promise of the Arab Spring.

American journalist Peter Theo Curtis is shown in this undated still frame taken from video courtesy of Al Jazeera on August 24, 2014.

A ‘fearless’ American writer is freed from captivity in Syria


Peter Theo Curtis, an American writer held for nearly two years by an al-Qaeda affiliate, has been released from captivity in Syria. The news came as immense relief to his family and friends, particularly after the reason execution of another American journalist in Syria last week.

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In Egypt, ‘electro-chaabi’ music stirs up controversy

If you go to a wedding or party in the slums of Cairo, you may hear electro-chaabi music. The sounds are Arabic, but also digital. It’s massively popular, but also controversial.