Animal killing

Bullfighting is still legal in the Colombian city of Manizales, which holds a major festival on the first week of January.

Colombia’s plan to ban bullfighting sparks debate on tradition, animal rights


Bullfighting has become less popular as views about animal rights change in Colombia. But in some parts of the country, it is still a highly esteemed tradition.

Leandro Gutierrez, a 22-year-old Colombian, takes on a bull using the classic red cape.

Bullfighting has reached a crisis point in Spain

Festivities of Toro de la Vega. (Photo: Juanjo Toreador/Wikipedia)

Extreme Bullfighting in Spain – Activism vs Tradition

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Spain’s weak economy leads families to abandon domesticated horses to die

Despite court ruling, Islamic butcher in Germany faces hurdles to halal slaughter

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In Spain, Horses the Latest Victims in Economic Slump

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When Spain was booming 15 years ago a lot of people bought horses. They were a symbol of status and wealth. Now, with unemployment at a record high and the economy sinking further, people can’t get rid of their horses fast enough.

Some Germans Intolerant of Islamic Animal Slaughter

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Animal rights is a big issue in Germany. And how Germans slaughter animals is strictly regulated. The Nazis vilified the Jewish method of slaughtering animals; today Germans are intolerant of the tradition of its four million Muslims. David Hecht reports.

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Ritual Slaughter Ban

Some European nations are banning Jewish ritual slaughter. Advocates cite cruelty to animals. Others cry anti-semitism. Sarah Zebaida reports.

Almanac: Korean Bullfighting

This week, we have facts about Korean bullfighting. Each year, handlers pit their bulls against each other in a contest that’s not a fight to the death.

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Bullfighting in Korea

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Spain is famous for bullfighting although some parts of the country are trying to do away with the sport. South Korea has bullfights, too, but they’re a little different. It’s just bull against bull and there’s a lot less blood. Jason Strother reports.