Destroyed buildings, cars, and people and are seen from across the street in Aleppo's old town.

8 years after Syria’s first protests, one Syrian says ‘we really just wanted freedom’

Adbulkafi Alhamdo fled Aleppo and is now living in Idlib with his two young daughters. Even though the cost was higher than he thought it would be, he doesn’t regret standing up for freedom, he says.

Rows of greenish-brown soap sit on wooden racks

French demand for Syrian soap keeps an ancient art alive

Several people look at bags of dried ingredients laid outside a shop. In the foreground, a man leans against a stall.

In rubble of Aleppo souk, tablecloth shop makes solitary comeback

Dima Basha (right) watches dubbed cartoons with her daughter, Angelina, to help her learn formal Arabic.

How SpongeBob SquarePants is helping one Syrian woman preserve her culture for her daughter

A woman walks along a damaged street in Aleppo, Syria February 2, 2017.

Do civilian deaths in Mosul and Aleppo deserve the same scrutiny?

Drs. Abdulkhalek (center) and Farida (right)  look on during a Senate Foreign Relations hearing on the conflict in Syria on Capitol Hill in Washington.

These two Syrian doctors survived the siege of Aleppo — and helped many others survive, too


As bombs rained down in Aleppo, these Syrian doctors comforted their patients — and their daughter. The couple traveled to Washington this week to lobby Congress for humanitarian aid for Syria.

Russia Syria aid carnage

When post-fact Russia meets Donald Trump’s ‘truthful hyperbole’

Global Politics

What is real and what is fake now seems the dominant theme of world politics. Here’s what it means for perceptions about Syria among two very different world powers.

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The Aleppo tragedy has left one Arab satirist with nothing to say


Lebanese satirist Karl Sharro loves to poke fun at the state of the Arab world. But the tragedy of Aleppo has left him doubting satire’s role for the first time in his life.


The battle of Aleppo is nearing the end, a ‘total collapse’


A Syrian military official in Aleppo says the “operation in eastern neighborhoods is entering its final phase,” as fierce clashes were reported in the few districts still under rebel control.


Six countries call for immediate ceasefire in Aleppo


The US, Britain and France led a call Wednesday from six countries for an immediate ceasefire to allow aid into the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo.