Addis Ababa

A huge flag of Ethiopia waves with people sitting underneath it

In Ethiopia, a taste of home for displaced Yemenis


During the day, dozens of guests of all backgrounds crowd around long tables at Yemen Kings in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to share traditional Yemeni dishes like fahsa, a stew made out of beef or lamb.

People walk through the streets of a shopping area in Addis Ababa.

If you have a meeting in Ethiopia, you’d better double check the time


A return to Ethiopia rekindles the spirit of the Beat Making Lab

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Adamasu our drummer on the poem.

Rap? Meh. Poetry is the rage at the Ethiopian Beat Making Lab

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What happens when you mix culture, talent, health and passion? Music

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And the Beat Making Lab goes on, to Ethiopia

Arts, Culture & Media

If you’ve ever wondered what the world sounds like, the Beat Making Lab wants to help you find out. Armed with a few laptops and a lifetime of music-making experience, the two men behind the project are bringing community music labs to communities all over the world.

Ethiopia’s economy benefiting from emigrants returning home

Ethiopia saw a number of its people leave the country decades ago, when a communist government took power. Now, with the country having achieved stability, and the country trending upward, many emigrants are returning home. And they’re bringing business and economic success with them.

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Ethiopia moving to address doctor shortage; critics say corners being cut

Health & Medicine

Ethiopia has struggled with a shortage of qualified doctors for years. In an effort to resolve that, it’s vastly increased the sizes of existing classes and opened 13 new schools. But critics say Ethiopia is training a generation of woefully unqualified doctors.

A return to Ethiopia’s musical greatness

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Politics and music have not always mixed well in Ethiopia. But governments change — and the music survives, and evolves. A fine example is a new project that highlights the work of Ethiopian musicians today.

Ethiopian Musician Hailu Mergia: From the Nightclubs of Addis Ababa to a Cab in DC

Global Hit

Ethiopian musician Hailu Mergia is a legend in his home country. He's a member of the acclaimed Walias Band. But in 1985 he released a solo album and then went into relative obscurity.