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“Judge,” a white-back vulture found in the wild as a fledgling by Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust cannot fly due to its deformed wing.

Southern African vultures subject to poisonings, extinction


Certain species of vultures are critically endangered in southern Africa. Recently, some mass killings of vultures in Botswana and South Africa have led to concern over the vulture population. But conservationists are working to increase their numbers.

A man gets vaccinated against COVID-19 at a site near Johannesburg, Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021. 

At least 9 African countries set to produce COVID vaccines, Africa’s CDC chief says

Women sit on the ground wearing colorful head wraps waiting for aid.

A month after Cyclone Idai, governments struggle to secure crucial recovery funds

Climate Change
an aerial shot of the destruction of Idai

Tropical cyclone Idai: The storm that knew no boundaries

a drop of blood being placed onto a slide

A second HIV patient has been ‘cured,’ but researchers say reducing cases is still the top priority

a gay man in zambia hides his face

For gay men in Zambia, where homosexuality is banned, suicide is a common end


The LGBTQ community isn’t acknowledged in Zambia because the law doesn’t allow for its existence, so people who struggle with mental health issues often can’t find the care they need. Some grassroots organizations are working to help LGBTQ people, but they often operate in secret.

Saya Pierce-Jones records a recent report on Cape Town's water crisis for Smile 90.4FM radio. In more than a year on the full-time water beat, Pierce-Jones helped listeners understand the roots of the crisis and find ways to dramatically cut their water u

Journalist on water beat helped Cape Town avoid ‘Day Zero’


When Cape Town’s growing water crisis started bubbling up last year, a local radio station in the South African city jumped on the beat with wall-to-wall coverage and water-saving tips for listeners.

People queued to collect water as fears over the city's water crisis grew earlier this year in Cape Town, South Africa.

‘Day Zero’ has been postponed, but Cape Town is still scrambling to deal with its water crisis


The water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa is easing a bit, but the city and many of its businesses and institutions are forging ahead with expensive efforts to increase supply, including private desalination plants.

South African artist Lady Skollie on a sofa in her studio with cut-out shapes of bananas on the wall behind her

South African artist Lady Skollie explains why she paints burning vaginas


“It’s got a burning vagina in the middle and there are all men — so it’s like they are warming themselves around a burning vagina. Which, to me, is pretty much South Africa.”

The Goreangab water treatment plant uses a process that partially mimics nature to turn sewage from Winhoek's 300,000 residents back into potable water. It opened in 1968 and was the first such plant in the world.

Recycling sewage into drinking water is no big deal. They’ve been doing it in Namibia for 50 years.


Water-starved cities around the world are starting to turn to a once-unpalatable solution: recycling their sewage. And they have a surprising pioneer to thank for developing the technology — the southern African desert country of Namibia.