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Two men stand on rocky land as mountains and snow stretch out behind them. One holds a drill of some kind and is drilling into the rock.

If the Greenland ice sheet melts, what happens to New York City? This reporter went to find out.

A New York-based reporter follows scientists to Greenland to try to get a fix on what the future of the world’s second-largest ice sheet could mean for sea level rise and the fate of her home town.

The polar jet stream carries weather around the Northern Hemisphere. Climate researcher Jenifer Francis believes the rapidly warming Arctic is slowing and warping the jet stream, allowing Arctic air to spill farther south in some places.

How the warming Arctic might be behind Boston’s deep freeze

"Spring is coming" — A pedestrian walks past a pile of snow in Boston.

How is the world getting both a) warmer and b) snowier in some places? Here’s how.

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