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Group of people at night sitting on motorized wheelchairs

Wheelchair tours show Colombia’s Medellín from a different perspective

In Colombia, one company is introducing visitors to the city of Medellín by taking them around on wheelchairs that are pulled by electric handbikes and can reach speeds of about 25 mph. The tours are led by people with disabilities and are part of a broader effort to make the city more accessible to all, led by a very persistent businessman. Manuel Rueda reports.

Rising poverty, unemployment, and inflation have plagued Costa Rica. Every few blocks, a person is passed out or sleeping on the street.

‘This is not a peaceful country’: Violence and poverty soar in Costa Rica

portrait photo of a woman

‘She is the evolution of reggaeton’: The rise of trans Puerto Rican artist Villano Antillano

Planet Hip Hop
close-up shot of Honduran President Castro wearing a mask

Honduras’ first female leader faces tough times

A mural with the words "Patria y Vida," or "Homeland and Life," a twist on the Cuban national motto, "Homeland or Death."

In Miami, Cuban American progressives promote civic engagement ahead of midterms

Workers move a box of freshly caught squid in Pucusana, Peru, Monday, Sept. 20, 2021.

A state-owned company from China is building a massive commercial port in Peru

Experts say the port will be a new milestone for shipping trade between China and Latin America. But many people in the town of Chancay, where the port will be located, are not happy about it and say their lives will be changed forever.

A drone sprays insecticide near homes on the outskirts of Brasilia, Brazil, Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020. Brazil's health ministry launched a campaign to fight the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue, zika and chikungunya, diseases that can generate

Brazil’s public health workers race to tackle dengue surge

Health & Medicine

Heavy rains and a lull in public health prevention programs during the pandemic have allowed the deadly mosquito-borne disease to flourish.

Protesters hold a banner with a message that reads in Spanish: "Duque, stop the massacres," directed at Colombia's President Ivan Duque, as they march to Bolivar Square in Bogotá, Colombia, Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

Discourse of justice: Part I

Critical State

Critical State, a foreign policy newsletter by Inkstick Media, takes a deep dive this week into the ways in which human rights discourse is politics by other means.

Eneas Espinoza, who says he was sexually abused multiple times when he was a child, by several catholic priests in Chile

A growing number of clerical sexual abuse survivors are coming forward in Latin America

Sexual violence

Latin America may become the next region to expose childhood clerical sexual abuse. Some victims have spent decades without coming forward because of the importance given to clergy in the community. But a growing number of people are creating support networks for survivors.

At the La Perseverancia market in Bogotá, Colombia customers have noticed that prices for many foods are increasing. With the war in Ukraine, inflation could get worse.

For developing countries, the war in Ukraine means even higher food prices


African and Latin American countries have been struggling to control inflation rates during the pandemic. The war in Ukraine threatens to increase food prices even more and make hunger in some countries worse.