Korean Peninsula

Yoo In-sik in his repair shop in Seoul. Yoo was one of South Korea's first Winter Paralympians.

A Korean Paralympic skier says other skiers cheer him on now. It didn’t used to be that way.


Yoo In-sik remembers when other skiers used to shy away from him on the chairlift because of his missing leg. “When I ski now, people cheer me on and clap for me,” he says.

Won Hyung-joon leads the Lindenbaum Festival Orchestra and hopes one day to perform together with North Korean musicians.

Why ‘Arirang’ is the perfect song for a divided Korea

Korea's Godfather of Rock Shin Joong-hyun got his start as a teenage guitarist at the Yongsan Garrison in Seoul. Now the US military base is closing.

The US military’s Yongsan Garrison leaves a mixed legacy in Seoul

Sook Ei and George Lampman met at the US embassy in Seoul in the months before the start of the Korean War.

They got married in Seoul and a week later, China invaded

South Korean President Moon Jae-in

A year after South Korea passed an anti-corruption law, some businesses say it goes too far

A South Korean policeman takes part in an anti-terror drill as part of the Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise in Seoul, South Korea, August 22, 2017.

South Koreans used to brush off talk of war. Now, they’re getting worried.


In South Korea, people are starting to talk with family members about what would happen if war broke out between the US and North Korea.

Actress and North Korean defector Kim Ah-ra, 25, on a talk show showcasing “northern beauties” from North Korea.

From tyranny to reality TV: Meet the celebrity defector women of North Korea


South Korea is transfixed by new television programs that put young and manicured North Koreans in the spotlight.

Director Morten Traavik (r) with the lead singer of Laibach, Milan Fras. Traavik brought the Slovenian band to Pyongyang in 2015 for a concert. And then he made a film about it.

Here’s an idea for engaging with North Korea. Bring in a Western rock band and make a movie about it.


What happens when a Norwegian director-provocateur brings a Western rock band to North Korea, and films the experience? The result is the new documentary “Liberation Day.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un watching the test of an anti-aircraft guided weapon system

North Korea has fired a short-range ballistic missile


The US has confirmed that North Korea fired off a missile, just when Trump is seeking to tougher sanctions against the regime.

Students from the Daum School on a field trip with their teacher. Their faces are blurred to protect their privacy. Many North Korean refugees have trouble adjusting to life in fast-paced South Korea, especially at school.

North Korean students learn to deal with trauma at this Seoul school


When young North Korean refugees make their way to South Korea, they’re often unprepared for life there. Now there’s a high school that helps them deal with their trauma.