Jay Z vs. Drake: The NBA Playoffs Fuel a Rap Beef

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As the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors meet in the NBA playoffs tonight, their most famous fans are in a battle of their own that could take hip-hop to a new level.

Brian Williams Raps, Game of Thrones Maps, and More

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At Mountainoak Cheese in rural Ontario, their Gouda is winning awards. The owners support Canada's tariffs on cheese imports.

What turns some law-abiding Canadians into smugglers? The high price of imported cheese.

Amy Wright used to shoot up in alleys like this in downtown Toronto. Now she's helping the city design its safe injection sites.

What’s one way to prevent opioid overdoses? Toronto plans three supervised injection sites.

Hamzeh Mourad and his daughter, Houda. The Syrian family arrived in Canada last December with nothing but their clothes and $800.

Syrian refugees in Canada face their first month without state money

Semen samples at Canadian sperm bank Can-Am Cryoservices

Why Canada has to import much of its sperm from the US


In Canada, gay marriage has been legal for 10 years. But same-sex couples can face major hurdles if they want to have a family.

Sonia Yarkhani's "selfie" with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford’s re-election campaign is moving forward, one selfie at a time

Global Politics

Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford is running for election, and the media aren’t invited. So far, his under-the-radar approach seems to be working out OK.

Toronto’s Mayor Ford says ‘I smoked crack cocaine,’ but won’t step down

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Months after a video surfaced that appeared to show Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking a crack pipe, he admitted to reporters that, he had, in fact, smoked crack cocaine.