South Dakota

Ilhan Omar clasps her husband’s mother's face in her hands as she smiles

These are the women who made history in this year’s midterm elections

Women & Gender

It’s a record. After the midterm results are tallied, more than 100 members of Congress are expected to be women.

a man stands at near Standing Rock North Dakota

What stands in the way of Native American voters?

Conflict & Justice
Jayden Lookinghorse, riding his horse, stands on top of a hill on the Cheyenne River Reservation South Dakota.

Out of spotlight, tribes keep fighting Dakota pipeline

Man sits behind large stack of papers, brown envelopes

When the government wrongly deports people, coming back to the US is almost impossible

Kenny Fox at his cattle ranch in Belvidere, South Dakota. Fox, who is a third-generation South Dakota rancher, would like his sons to be able to continue in his footsteps, but worries that the economics are making it too difficult.

Two South Dakota cattle ranchers, two opinions on NAFTA

Helicopter dropping water on wildfire

2017 was the costliest US natural disaster year on record


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that America suffered a record amount of damage in 2017 from natural disasters, with a tab of more than $306 billion.

Four-year-old Lauren Lettner holds a sign

This military dad lost his son. Now, he’s trying to help other families battle against veteran PTSD and suicide.


Jerry Derr lost his son, Colton Levi Derr, a US Army sergeant, to suicide. Since then, he’s been trying to help other military families fight PTSD and a whole range of issues that come up for veterans.

The World

Public pensions: what are a state’s responsibilities?

Conflict & Justice

In an attempt to remedy the gap, lawmakers in Colorado, Minnesota and South Dakota have voted to reduce annual cost-of-living increases on pensions. Not surprisingly, retirees in each state have filed lawsuits.

Georgia law hopes to keep pharmacies creating lethal injection drugs

Global Politics

A Georgia judge has questioned the constitutionality of a law that protects the businesses behind lethal injections, saying the secrecy could lead to a dangerous lack of oversight and inhumane treatment. The law was adopted to give pharmaceutical companies peace of mind if they are involved with lethal injections.

U.S. Supreme Court strikes down key provision of Voting Rights Act

Global Politics

The provision of the Voting Rights Act that states which jurisdictions must get federal permission for changes to their voting standards was struck down on Tuesday by a divided Supreme Court. The overall law remains in tact, but will require Congressional action for pre-clearance to happen.