The sewn badge of an ICE officer is shown on the shoulder of an offfical.

Oregon protesters confront ICE officials; India registered its highest increase in coronavirus cases; ISIS has taken a port in Mozambique

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Scores of protesters rallied on Wednesday to block ICE officials from detaining two men in Bend, Oregon. And, India registered its highest increase in COVID-19 cases yet, with nearly 67,000 new cases in the last 24 hours. Also, militants tied to ISIS have taken a key port in Mozambique after several days of clashes.

Signs direct voters at a polling place in the state's presidential primary election in Greenfield, New Hampshire, Feb. 11, 2020.

MIT researchers sound alarm over voting app’s security flaws


How humble kugel becomes a ‘red-letter feast’ for Yom Kippur

Linda Garcia, Goldman Prize winner

Washington activist wins a Goldman Environmental Prize for defeating a dangerous oil-by-rail project

A man in welder's coveralls stands in a metal workshop.

Many immigrants have years of work experience. ‘Upskilling’ programs are helping them use that knowledge.

Merkley in Texas

Oregon senator is denied access to a migrant children’s center in Texas


Over the weekend, Senator Jeff Merkley paid a visit to the Southwest Key Casa Padre migrant children’s shelter in Brownsville, Texas. He was refused entry.

Before the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, five states had "red flag" statutes called gun violence restraining orders. Recently, Florida became the six state to add the statute.

Researchers still struggle to get funding to study gun violence


Any potential money is barred by a congressional act known as the Dickey Amendment, which mandates that none of the funds available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would be “used to advocate or promote gun control.”

Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp

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This summer, 125 girls gathered at a rock ‘n’ roll camp outside Portland, Oregon, to unleash their inner Joan Jett.

Oregon Theater

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The state of Oregon may be about to zero out its arts commission — and arts groups must make creative decisions about how to survive. Producer Dmae Roberts spoke with two theatre companies in Portland, Oregon to find out how they will weather the new crisis.

Kurt Goes Vaudeville

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Live radio lives! Kurt recently stopped by theAladdin Theaterin Portland, Oregon forLive Wire–an old school variety show with a modern twist, recorded in front of the hippest audience west of the Mississippi. It’s a heck of a good time: smart conversation, a killer house band, and live radio theater that could give our buddy at […]