A tattered boat on the sea under stormy skies.

Greece’s refugee crisis creates a strain on an already fragile ecosystem


Nearly 1 million refugees and migrants have passed through Greece since the Syrian war began, leaving its environment and economy under duress — particularly during summers when tourism is in full swing.

Supporters of Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party rally in Athens, Greece, Jan. 28, 2017.

How Lesbos residents drove the far-right Golden Dawn party off the island

Myrta Kalampoka says investing in her olive trees saved her family from the Greek economic crisis. Now she hopes their olive oil can rescue them from an ongoing drop in tourism to Lesbos.

Hear how investing in olive trees saved one Lesbos family from economic crisis

EMILY is a livesafing device being used to safe refugee and migrants found at sea.

It’s a buoy, it’s a life raft, it’s Emily — the robotic craft that’s saving refugees off the coast of Greece

Somali refugees

Three Somali journalists on Lesbos hope for the best — asylum in Europe


Many of those helping refugees on Lesbos are themselves the descendants of refugees


On the greek island of Lesbos, the descendants of refugees are meeting a new generation of refugees.


The cemeteries on Lesbos are full. But refugee families still need to bury their dead.


The Greek island of Lesbos has been struggling to care for the Syrian refugees who’ve reached its shores. Now, it’s struggling to find space to bury the ones who haven’t.