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New documentary follows LGBTQ people fleeing persecution in Chechnya

In early 2017, stories began emerging on how Chechen authorities were persecuting the LGBTQ community. The World speaks to director David French on his new film, “Welcome to Chechnya,” which gives an inside look at the abuse and torture faced by the republic’s LGBTQ people and those who try to help them escape.

Vladimir Putin walks between two rows of people clapping their hands and taking photos with their cell phones

20 years of Putin in power: A timeline

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Members of the LGBT community hold a placard with the picture of Russia's President Vladimir Putin during a protest outside the Russian embassy in Mexico City.

Russian foreign minister refuses to acknowledge ongoing harassment of Chechen LGBT community

St.Petersburg, RussiaGay activists take part in a protest event called "March against Hatred" in St. Petersburg November 2, 2014. The activists are marching in opposition towards the aggressive Russian government policy due to the war in Ukraine. (RUSSIA

Gay men in Chechnya rounded up, tortured, and killed: report

Preliminary events got underway in Sochi Thursday. Here, Poland's Kamil Stoch soars through the air during the men's ski jumping individual normal hill training event. But much attention is still focused on security.

A warning about explosives in toothpaste tubes, just the latest among security worries at Sochi

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Abu Hussein

Why this Syrian man regrets bringing Al-Qaeda fighters into his country

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Expectations are pretty low for this week’s Syria peace talks in Geneva. It will the first time that government and opposition representatives actually meet since the civil war began almost three years ago. But a third major player in the conflict will be missing: the Al-Qaeda-affiliated rebel group that controls much of north-east Syria. Most of its fighters are foreign. Here’s the story of one Syrian man who has been forced into exile by the very men he once helped bring into his country.

People gather at the site of an explosion on a trolley bus in Volgograd, December 31, 2013

What motivates women to commit acts of terror?

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What has the role of women been in the long simmering ethnic conflict in Chechnya and Dagestan. And why do we expect different things from men and women?

A suicide bomb blast ripped a trolleybus apart in Volgograd on Monday, in the second deadly attack in the southern city in two days.

The terrorist attacks in Russia have roots that go back centuries

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Two suicide bombers have struck the Russian city of Volgograd in the last two days, leaving more than 30 people dead. But these terrorist attacks aren’t isolated incidents — they have roots that go back to battles fought 200 years ago.

Putin writes to American people in New York Times op-ed

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a rare effort at communicating with the American people through the New York TImes. In an op-ed, he confronted President Barack Obama’s decision-making regarding U.S. intervention in Syria and called for the U.S. to hold back any strikes.

Spain had near-miss with terrorism attributed to Chechen group

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Last year, Spain foiled what it said was a terrorist plot to fly gliders into the British enclave of Gibraltar. Two Chechens and a Turk were convicted, but later freed when a judge decided there wasn’t enough evidence. Various intelligence agencies reportedly were interested in the incidents, because of the ties to Chechnya.