Glowing light from hot lava is seen during the eruption of Mount Agung in Bali, Indonesia, Nov. 27, 2017.

Indonesia braces for a volcanic eruption on the vacation island of Bali


Massive columns of thick grey smoke that have been belching from Mount Agung since last week have now begun shooting more than two miles into the sky, forcing hundreds of flights to be grounded.

Elkader: An Iowa town named after an Algerian, Muslim jihadist

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Tourists flocking to tsunami-scarred Indonesian communities

Fighting rabies in Bali

Copenhagen climate summit expectations

Bali Woodcarver Making High-end Guitars

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A traditional wood carver on the Indonesian island of Bali has started a new career – making high-end guitars, even though he knows little about Western music.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad: His Pursuit, His Detainment, and His Upcoming Trial

On March 1, 2003, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was arrested in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, by members of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency and the CIA. It marked the end of one of the lengthiest terrorist manhunts in history. It also marked the beginning of years of legal wrangling within the U.S., and many debates about the morality of […]

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Elkader, Iowa: Town Named After Algerian Jihadist

Global Politics

There’s a town in Iowa that’s probably the only town in the US that’s named for a jihadist. It’s El Kader, and it honors a 19th century Algerian.

Tsunami Tourism in Indonesia


A growing number of tourists are coming to see the relics of tsunami destruction in Aceh.

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Bali Memories

Host Steve Curwood offers analysis and reflection on the United Nations Climate Change conference in Bali, where the US, he thinks, behaved somewhat like an unruly guest at a holiday party.