Three women in hijab wait as a boy swims in the ocean in front of the Casa Nemo Beach Resort and Spa of Pulau Weh island, Indonesia.

Her resort is a refuge from more than just stress


Casa Nemo Beach Resort and Spa sits on the island of Pulau Weh in Aceh, Indonesia. While the rest of Aceh has its own version of Sharia law, restricting the behavior of women and gay men, things are a little freer at Casa Nemo. The resort’s owner says she wants it to be a refuge, but she’s not sure how long it will be able to survive as one.

Echa wears the hijab because it's the law for women in Aceh. Echa is transgender, and when she wears the headscarf, she says no one calls her names.

A transgender woman in Aceh, Indonesia gathers strength as new anti-gay sex laws roll out


Body percussion a sign of cultural heritage in recovering Aceh province in Indonesia

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Tourists flocking to tsunami-scarred Indonesian communities

Aceh’s Orphans

Banda Aceh Authorities Arrest Punk Rock Concertgoers for ‘Moral Rehabilitation’

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Last month, the Islamic government of Banda Aceh staged a mass arrest at a punk concert over perceived threat to Islamic values.

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Body Percussion Music From Aceh

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A group from Aceh performs body percussion music and is starting to get some notice outside the tsunami-ravaged region.

Tsunami Tourism in Indonesia


A growing number of tourists are coming to see the relics of tsunami destruction in Aceh.

Wolfert Brederode Quartet’s New Song Inspired by Tragedy

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A track from the new CD, “Post Scriptum,” refers to the devastating tsunami of 2004.

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Tsunami hits Japan after quake


Japan’s most powerful earthquake since records began struck its north-east coast on Friday, triggering a massive tsunami, which struck about 250 miles north-east of Tokyo. Officials say 350 people are dead and about 500 missing. Mary Kay Magistad reports.