Mali’s last master calligrapher escapes violence in Timbuktu with ancient manuscripts in tow

Before the French came in and pushed the Islamic militants out of the towns in northern Mali, many of the country’s historic artifacts and cultural history were threatened. But because of the forethought of some Malians, including calligrapher Boubacar Sadek, the country’s manuscripts were saved. For now.

Timbuktu Locals Said to Have Rescued Ancient Texts

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The death of the US ambassador and his colleagues in Libya this week was a reminder of how awash that country is in weapons. After the uprising there, some of them ended up in neighboring Mali. Al-Qaeda-linked militants have operatives in Mali and across the region. And the Libyan guns fed their movement. And recently, […]

African Migrants Caught in Libyan Conflict Rebuilding Lives in Mali

When war broke out in Libya last year, migrants from sub-Saharan Africa were caught in the middle. Reporter Marine Olivesi meets with some from the West African country of Mali.