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US President Joe Biden is shown standing at a podium and speaking into a microphone with his hands raised slightly.

Biden defends Afghanistan exit, praises Kabul airlift

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Top of The World: US President Joe Biden called the airlift of more than 120,000 Americans, allies and Afghans an “extraordinary success.” And, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy will meet with Biden in Washington DC on Wednesday, in what has been described as a show of renewed support for Ukraine’s sovereignty. Also, opposition parties in Venezuela announced in a strategy shift, that they will participate in the November local and regional elections.

A Taliban fighter stands guard over surrendered Afghan security members forces

Taliban takes over half of Afghanistan’s provincial capitals

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A person is shown with their shirt sleeve rolled up and receiving an injection in their shoulder by a medical professional.

Russia and the UK set for widespread COVID-19 vaccination rollout; Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro claims victory; Report finds microwave energy likely made US diplomats sick

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A soldier is shown wearing a face mask and a military uniform while standing in front of a wall painted with the eyes of the late President Hugo Chávez.

Venezuela’s Maduro claims sweep of boycotted election

A Boeing 737 Max jet is shown in the air with its wheels down prepared for a landing.

House report faults Boeing, FAA; Yoshihide Suga elected new PM of Japan; Report alleges Venezuela committed human rights abuses

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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is shown speaking with his right hand rised.

Experts cite ‘crimes against humanity’ in Maduro’s Venezuela

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Independent experts commissioned by the UN’s top human rights body have alleged the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro committed crimes against humanity.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is shown removing a white protective face mask and wearing a blue suit with the Japanese flag in the distance.

World leaders push for drugs, vaccines to fight coronavirus; Maduro detains Americans; How are people coping with ‘skin hunger’?

World leaders pledged billions in the race for vaccines and drugs to fight the coronavirus — but some nations, including the US, were conspicuously absent. And, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro detained two Americans allegedly trying to oust him from leadership. Also, as South Koreans turn to drive-in movies for entertainment, artists around the world are finding inspiration in quarantine.

A man wears jeans and plaid shirt with back to camera facing mountain range

Venezuelan military defectors struggle to get by while Maduro holds onto power


A year has passed since 1,400 soldiers defected from Venezuela’s military hoping for the ouster of President Nicolás Maduro. But Maduro is still firmly in control and some soldiers feel they gambled their careers away while they struggle to get by in neighboring Colombia.

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Maduro regime kills, tortures, with ‘minimal consequences,’ says opposition lawmaker


President Nicolás Maduro’s government has accused more than 20 lawmakers of treason and conspiracy or similar crimes, most recently on Monday. The World’s Marco Werman speaks with opposition politician Juan Andrés Mejía, who recently fled to the US to avoid being detained by Maduro’s regime.

venezuelan ex military men in colombia

From Colombia, Venezuelan defectors arm themselves to ‘liberate’ their homeland


Dubbing their planned offensive “Operation Venezuela,” ex-army sergeant Eddier Rodríguez said there were around 150 men ready to take part with his group.