Matthew Brunwasser

Syrian soldiers refusing to shoot civilians executed, say reports

Accusations are emerging that Syrian Special Forces were ordered to kill any soldiers who refused to shoot civilians, but information about the conflict in Syria remains murky.

Turkey’s soap opera diplomacy

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Slaughter Nick for President … in Serbia

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Bulgarian Church Officials Select New Leader

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Russia’s New Required Religion Class for 4th Graders

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Turkish Border Town Struggling in Face of Ongoing Syria Crisis

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Gaziantep in southern Turkey is known as one of the “Anatolian Tigers” for its dramatic economic growth, driven by industry and border trade. But the boomtown has been hit hard by the crisis next door. From Gaziantep, Matthew Brunwasser reports.

Preserving the Cold War in Sunny California

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We are looking for a museum of Cold War history that has a collection of everything from East German blueprints to Soviet artwork.

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In Turkey’s Last Armenian Village, a Place to Get Away From it All

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For the Geo Quiz we are looking for a province in southern Turkey about the size of Delaware. It is an ethically diverse province and even includes a village with a 100 percent ethnic Armenian population. Can you name it?

Esma Redžepova, queen of gypsy music.

Esma Redzepova, the queen of gypsy music

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Esma Redzepova, known as the “Queen of Gypsy Music” for her voice and humanitarian work, adds “politician” to her resume.

Where Roma Run the Show

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We are looking for a European country that’s home to one of the the world’s biggest self-governing Roma communities.