Katharine Hayhoe

Mark Zuckerberg stands in front of a blue backdrop and speaks on climate misinformation using his hands

Major environmental groups join Facebook ad boycott to protest climate misinformation

Climate Change

The Natural Resources Defense Council, Earthjustice and 350.org are joining more than 1,000 companies in pausing their advertising on Facebook in July as part of the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign. Other environmental groups have hesitated to get on board.

A firefighter works to put out a forest fire during a June heatwave in Southern Spain. Fires have plagued much of southern Europe this summer as the region has been hit by intense heat and drought.

Federal scientists’ report says climate change is dangerously real

Texas Tech climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe is one of the US's leading figures on communicating about climate change with skeptical audiences. She says she'd only talk to president-elect Donald Trump if she were asked, but if she were, she'd do what she

Can Trump be reached on climate by talking with him about other things? Maybe …


New study finds greater risk of wildfires in U.S. from climate change; others see decline


Severe Spring: 2011 Weather Raises More Global Warming Questions