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Political cartoon showing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the style of Ikea instructions.

In new book, Lebanese Satirist Karl reMarks skewers Middle East pundits

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Karl reMarks talks about his upcoming book, “And Then God Created the Middle East and Said ‘Let There Be Breaking News'” and tells us his views on Western media covering the Middle East.

A mosque in the Dutch city of Rotterdam

A popular Arab satirist takes on the rise of nationalism

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A Houthi fighter holds a rifle with a sticker portraying Ahmed Ali Abdulah Saleh, the eldest son of Yemen's former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, as he rides a truck near the presidential palace in Sanaa.  On Thursday, Houthi rebels welcomed proposed conce

3 ways to sound smart about Yemen

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A Palestinian woman waves a white flag of surrender after an Israeli shelling in Gaza.

Is there anything funny about the war in Gaza? It’s complicated

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Lebanese satirist Karl Sharro (known by his blog Karl reMarks) created this fictitious poll about what is most appropriate for American to wear in public. It was his response to a University of Michigan survey that asked  people in seven countries with Mu

What should women wear in public? That depends on how you ask

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Three dictators walk into a bar… and a Lebanese satirist becomes famous

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From his satirical soapbox of Karl reMarks (and with the help of Twitter and Facebook), Karl Sharro has gone from London architect to renowned Middle Eastern satirist. His work includes “Three dictators walk into a bar” jokes to imagined conversations between Middle Eastern leaders.

Banksy’s spoof video of Syrian rebels gets panned by a Middle East satirist

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When British artist Banksy does something, people take notice. The unidentified and mysterious graffiti artist has posted a film online that spoofs Syrian rebels and shows them accidentally killing Dumbo the Elephant. The video’s gone viral and has generated a lot of reaction in the Twittersphere.