John Adams

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This weekend saw the opening of ‘I am Love,’ an Italian film directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring Tilda Swinton (performing in Italian). It’s beautiful to watch, but what’s really exciting is how beautiful it sounds. Pulitzer prize-winning composer John Adams is the source for the film’s sublime score. Ranging from urgent minimalism to modern […]

Protesters at the Metropolitan Opera

Was the Metropolitan Opera right to stage the allegedly anti-Semitic The Death of Klinghoffer?


As lockout drags on, more regular people finding their paychecks shrinking

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U.S. House endorses ‘In God We Trust’ — but what’s its history?

Global Politics

Classical composers create monuments to 9/11 in music

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Paul Giamatti

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Actor Paul Giamatti explains what it is like to take on the soul of another person.

Why We Cherish Letters

Ever since The Takeaway reported on the US Post Office’s plans to scale-back mail delivery, eliminating Saturday deliveries, listeners have been calling, emailing and texting us with stories about their most cherished letters — missives from parents, grandparents, lovers and friends that have changed your lives. Here at The Takeaway, we’re collecting your letters — […]

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with David McCullough

Historian  David McCullough  is known for his biographies of monumental American figures: John Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman. But McCullough second book, published in 1972, explored American history not through the eyes of a Founding Father or a President, but through one of the most important public works projects of all time: the Brooklyn Bridge. McCullough […]

A Force For Nature

For 40 years now, the environment has had a leading advocate. The NRDC or Natural Resources Defense Council has been at the forefront of many environmental battles in the nation. One of its founders, John Adams, chronicles the organization’s trials and tr

How to Move a Movement

John Adams, president and founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council, takes a look back at the first Earth Day  ? the same day he opened NRDC for business  ? and how the environmental movement he saw back then was a very different animal from the on