Edward Snowden

A small computer screen is shown in a dark room with Edward Snowden appearing in a close-up frame.

Snowden and his wife seek to be Russian-US dual nationals

Global Politics

Former US security contractor Edward Snowden said Monday that he and his wife intend to apply for Russian citizenship without renouncing their US citizenship.

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Legislating peace and security: Part II

Critical State

Five Things You Had To See Online This Week

Arts, Culture & Media
A hooded man sits on a computer in front of a screen of code.

A new ‘cyber Cold War’ unfolds

Journalist Glenn Greenwald

Brazil, Snowden, Russia and fake news: a conversation with Glenn Greenwald

Brazilian activists hold Snowden masks

‘Privacy isn’t dead:’ Snowden’s South American legacy grows as Brazil’s crypto movement marches on


The largest conference on cryptology and internet privacy in Latin America started on Friday. Increasing, the digital rights activists and hackers president are questioning their own government’s surveillance practices.

Oscar noms

Global themes dominate this year’s Oscar nominations


Everyone is buzzing about the Oscar nominations, which were released Thursday morning. But where do you start? If you care about global issues, here are a few suggestions.

Edward Snowden urges the US to go on defense in cyberwarfare

In a rare interview, Snowden urges the US to play defense, not offense, in cyberwarfare

Global Politics

“The US has more to lose from cyber warfare than anyone else,” Snowden said in an interview from Moscow for an upcoming NOVA documentary.

A man assembles police observation cameras near the Bayerischer Hof hotel before the start of the 50th Conference on Security Policy in Munich on January 31, 2014

The year of surveillance is finally over


Surveillance was all over the news in 2014, and we learned plenty of new ways governments and companies have found to track everyday users. Here’s a list of eight ways we found out our privacy was under attack this year.

The World

Here’s your chance to stand next to Julian Assange — kind of


An Italian artist and a British journalist are teaming up to raise funds for a controversial public art project honoring Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. But with just two weeks to go, the statues are still well short of their funding goal.