Bruce Gellerman

How to keep kids safe in a toxic world


Environmental dangers are nearly ubiquitous in the modern world. Parents need to figure out a way to confront the environmental crisis to keep their children safe.

Congressmen seek changes to environmental protection law


Earth enters period of turbulent solar weather


Genetics and the Environment

Climate change creates wildfires, wildfires create climate change


Study links environmental factors to autism

Health & Medicine

Growing evidence suggests environmental factors may play larger role than genetics as cause of autism.

Radio stations in Sudan powered by renewable energy

Internews program builds radio stations in Southern Sudan powered by solar and wind energy.

IMAX film about marine migration: “Wild Coast”

Arts, Culture & Media

Film documents massive migration of sardines that brings predators of all kinds together along the southeastern tip of the African continent.

Lead poisoning in developing countries

Health & Medicine

Lead batteries are becoming a deadly problem in developing countries where they are melted down and sold as scrap metal.

Link found between common chemicals and breast cancer

Health & Medicine

Research indicates early exposure to chemicals found in plastic containers and some natural food products, like soy, can lead to breast cancer.