Borzou Daragahi

Vice President Mike Pence addressing the Knesset, in Jerusalem, Monday

Is the US suffering from incoherent policies in the Middle East?

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Vice President Mike Pence is on a tour of the Middle East. The US role in the region has changed under President Trump. Critics say US policies are disruptive, contradictory and incoherent.

A boy, displaced from fighting in the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa, walks in the desert near the village of Karama, east of Raqqa, July 1st 2017

What to do with captured women and children of ISIS?

Men in orange jumpsuits believed to be Egyptian Christians were held captive by the Islamic State and murdered in Libya.

ISIS spreads its tentacles to North Africa — and threatens to reach beyond

Protesters hold a sign and photographs of detained Al-Jazeera journalists Peter Greste, an Australian, Mohamed Fahmy, a Canadian-Egyptian national, and Baher Mohamed, an Egyptian. The three who were jailed in Cairo on December 29, 2013. Greste was release

The release of a jailed journalist can’t hide Egypt’s human rights problem

ISIS flags flutter on the Mullah Abdullah bridge in southern Kirkuk in early October 2014. The Iraqi Kurdish security forces are dug-in at the opposite end of the bridge.

The campaign against ISIS isn’t producing big victories

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Lebanon’s government collapses

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Members of the Tunisian parliament wave flags after approving the country's new constitution.. Tunisia's national assembly approved the country's new constitution on Sunday in one of the final steps to full democracy three years after protests erupted int

Tunisia is succeeding where Egypt failed

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The revolt in Syria began almost three years ago, in the early, hopeful days of the Arab Spring. Back then, more or less peaceful protests ousted long-time dictators in Tunisia and Egypt. But since then, those two nations have taken very different paths.

The NJ governor’s staff aren’t the only politicos messing with traffic

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New Jersey is not the only place where roads and traffic are manipulated for political reasons. Journalists from around the globe talk about the politics of traffic where they live.

Fighters of the 'Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria' parading through the Syrian town of Tel Abyad, last Thursday. The next day ISIS fighters were surprised by a concerted attack by other Syrian rebel groups. Dozens were killed.

A powerful al-Qaeda group is fighting in both Iraq and Syria

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It’s been quite a week for an al-Qaeda spin-off called ISIS. Last week, ISIS took over Fallujah in Iraq. But it seems some of the local Sunni tribes abandoned the group and have joined government forces fighting against al-Qaeda. Then, rebel groups in Syria combined to attack ISIS there. Borzou Daragahi of the Financial Times explains the politics that work for and against ISIS.

Image of Sisi on chocolate

Egypt’s top military commander gets put on a chocolate pedestal

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The Egyptian general who helped lead the ouster of Egypt’s elected president is in a pretty sweet place for the moment – on chocolate bars. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has won the hearts and minds of at least a segment of the country’s population.