Beth Fertig

The Issues at Hand: Education Reform Over the Next Four Years

Shortly following the November elections, a Gallup poll revealed that 68 percent of Americans believe that President Obama will improve education in his second term. Such optimism isn’t all that surprising considering the emphasis Obama placed on education policy during his first four years, and the support he’s garnered during that time from both sides […]

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Presenting Mister Schumer

Central Park Nature Center

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Geographic Satellite Mapping

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Pedi-Cabs: Human Power in New York

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Riding the Tide

Scientists are looking at new ways to tap energy from the ocean- and small-scale wave and tidal projects are being installed around the world. In New York City, a tidal project in the East River could eventually generate enough power for about 5,000 homes

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Urban Green Space

WNYC’s Beth Fertig reports on the growing tensions in balancing nature conservation and recreational use of green space in New York City. From the Central Park greens to a bird sanctuary in Jamaica Bay, residents, activists and officials hold a variety of views on how public space should be used.

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Education reform on the ground: Baltimore and New York City

Global Politics

We’ve been talking all week about improving American schools. Do we increase funding, create better tests or shut down failing schools? Today we look at two cities experimenting with their own education policy reforms, Baltimore and New York City.

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Out Takes: How the stimulus package is pushing technology in education

Arts, Culture & Media

A $5 billion grant to states is helping schools develop data networks to monitor students’ progress and keep track of tests mandated under the No Child Left Behind legislation. New York City has the biggest data network in place right now.