In a new Frontline documentary, director Antony Thomas goes inside the Vatican to reveal secrets of the institution.

A Frontline documentary exposes the Vatican’s ‘secrets’ under Pope Benedict

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Frontline’s new documentary, “Secrets of the Vatican,” uses leaked documents and interviews to expose turmoil, corruption and abuse in the final year of Pope Benedict’s papacy. It’s a legacy that Pope Francis is now trying to overcome.

Should South African High Schools Distribute Free Condoms?

School Year Blog: Should South African High Schools Distribute Free Condoms?

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Combating Contraception Mythology in South Africa

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New contraception law in the Philippines indicative of decline of Catholic Church influence

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Pope Benedict makes first visit to Cuba

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Pope to skip Mexico City on Latin America trip

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Pope Benedict XVi is travelling to Mexico this weekend to say mass and meet the faithful. But he’s coming at a time of deep division among Mexican Catholics. Mexico City has passed liberal laws allowing for same-sex marriage and abortions — two practices banned by the Catholic Church and in much of the rest of Mexico.

Italian Prime Minister’s behavior condemned by Catholic Church

The Catholic Church publicly condemns behavior Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Berlusconi, who is embroiled in yet another sex scandal.

The Pope accused of crimes against humanity

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The Pope and other top Vatican officials accused of crimes against humanity for the cover-ups of sexual assaults by Catholic clerics worldwide.

Vatican orders bishop to recant

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The Vatican demanded bishop Williamson retract his remarks about the Holocaust — he has repeatedly denied the existence of Nazi gas chambers.

Pope Benedict Says Goodbye and Catholics Around the World Think, Who’s Next?

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As Pope Benedict XVI rode a helicopter out of the Vatican and into retirement, we gathered voices from Catholics in India, Brazil and Nigeria on what they’d like to see in their next Pontiff.