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Jennifer Lopez, Pink Floyd, and other Celebrity Bugs

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Every year, thousands of new species of creatures are identified. Since naming something after oneself is considered a diva move in the scientific community, many choose the next best…

California turns to Chinese company, labor to build most of new Bay Bridge span

Why do we predict?

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Same sex marriage bill in Vermont

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Obama’s climate change pledge


California’s climate bill debate

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Opposition of California’s major climate law grows as the state struggles with high unemployment and an ailing economy.

Calling China: Help Build Our Bridges

We’ve become accustomed to Chinese companies building our toys and electronics. But the Chinese are starting to build our large-scale infrastructure projects – bridges and railroads. The World’s Jason Margolis has more.

New Movie Releases: ‘Conan the Barbarian’ and ‘One Day’

Every Friday we talk about new movies here on The Takeaway. Today, we’ll be discussing the latest “Conan the Barbarian” iteration – this version is  available in 3D and without Arnold Schwarzenegger  –  and “One Day,” the latest Anne Hathaway vehicle –  that this time she’s brought an English accent with her. Rafer Guzman, Takeaway Movie Date Podcast co-host […]

Wheat Can Be Kindness and Other Political Candidates

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Some California candidates have chosen to use auspicious Chinese names to attract votes.

Total Recall: Tracing the Schwarzenegger Scandal

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The news that Maria Shriver was leaving her husband sent shock waves across the nation. Sharon Waxman, founder and CEO of, and Tracy Weber, senior reporter for ProPublica, talk about what this scandal says about our culture.