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Judge Amy Coney Barrett speaks and gestures into a mic during the third day of her Senate confirmation hearing.

How would a Justice Amy Coney Barrett rule on the environment?


Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a conservative who tends to interpret the law narrowly, which could spell trouble for environmental laws intended to address climate change.

Four white men in suits sit on a panel with a green background

Legislating peace and security: Part II

Critical State

Despite a full life, Justice Scalia died prematurely — by at least one measure

President Ronald Reagan speaks with Supreme Court Justice nominee, Antonin Scalia, in the White House Oval Office in Washington DC in 1986

What Scalia meant to Italian Americans

While Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital, few countries officially recognize the city's status because of sensitive disputes over who controls it.

A boy’s passport and justices with minimal foreign policy expertise could decide American policy on Jerusalem

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U.S. Supreme Court strikes down key provision of Voting Rights Act

Global Politics

The provision of the Voting Rights Act that states which jurisdictions must get federal permission for changes to their voting standards was struck down on Tuesday by a divided Supreme Court. The overall law remains in tact, but will require Congressional action for pre-clearance to happen.

U.S. Supreme Court strikes down Arizona voter citizenship provision

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An Arizona law that required the state’s voters to provide proof of citizenship when registering to vote will not stand, now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled the bill unconstitutional. What the decision means for three other states with similar laws, as well as other voter restrictions, though, remains to be seen.

Supreme Court grapples with question of whether human genes can be patented


The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether a company can be issued a patent for a human gene. The company says it needs the patent to protect the genetic tests its developed; a group of doctprs says human genes are nature in action and should be ineligible for patent protection.

Does Justice Kennedy Hold the Fate of the Health Care Law in His Hands?

After three days of intense oral arguments before the Supreme Court, the fate of the Affordable Care Act remains uncertain. Four of the court’s Democratic-appointed judges are expected to support it, while at least three of the court’s Republican-appointed judges are expected to reject it. That leaves just two votes in question: Justice Antonin Scalia […]

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Conservative objections to Elena Kagan

Conflict & Justice

We talk to two conservative legal experts about Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, and listen to their opposing opinions on two issues that are sure to have critics talking.