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President Joe Biden speaks about Russia in the East Room of the White House, Thursday, April 15, 2021, in Washington.

Biden’s Earth Day summit tests US, global commitment to slowing climate change

Climate Change

For Earth Day this year, President Biden is convening leaders from around the world for a virtual conference on the climate emergency.

Joe Biden climate executive action

Biden vows to take a ‘whole of government’ approach to climate change

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world leaders at the G20 Summit

Climate crisis? What climate crisis? US blocked consensus on climate action at G20.

Climate Change
Members of environmental groups hold up banners calling for renewable energy at the United Nations climate talks that took place in Bonn, Germany in 2015. Bonn was the site of the last United Nations Climate Change Conference in November 2017, in which co

As latest UN climate change summit looms, delegates have plenty of work to do

Climate Change
People's Climate March in New York City

With climate marches across the globe, the US walks gingerly toward a climate summit in Paris


UN Climate Secretariat meets with renewed sense of urgency


In recent climate change negotiations, very little progress was made because of conflicts between the largest emitting countries. But with devastating storms, linked broadly to changes in climate, increasing across all corners of the globe, the least developed countries are growing louder in their demands for immediate action.

Durban Climate Talks

Climate negotiators are meeting in Durban, South Africa hoping to make progress on tackling soaring greenhouse gas emissions.

Australian Government Offers Carbon Tax Plan

Global Politics

The Australian government has unveiled plans to impose a tax on carbon emissions for the country’s worst polluters.

Climate Change I: U.S. Dawdles

Host Steve Curwood talks with Alden Meyer, director of government affairs for the Union of Concerned Scientists, about next week’s climate change talks in Bonn, Germany. The current plan is to finalize the Kyoto Protocol by the end of 2000; but many countries are concerned that, by taking its time ratifying the protocol, the United […]

More Grappling with the Greenhouse Effect

Host Jan Nunley discusses climate change policy with Alden Meyer of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Climate talks in Geneva have increased interest around a multinational strategy that rewards countries for helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions anywhere  ? including in other nations.