A displaced Iraqi woman, who fled from clashes between Iraqi forces and Islamic State militants, in Mosul, Iraq

ISIS has found a new, deadly use for human shields in Mosul


The militant group seems to be arranging for residents in Mosul to be struck and killed by US-led coalition airstrikes in order to boost civilian death counts and create controversy around the coalition campaign.

A woman walks along a damaged street in Aleppo, Syria February 2, 2017.

Do civilian deaths in Mosul and Aleppo deserve the same scrutiny?

Nouhad was sold to an ISIS fighter when she was 16.

This Yazidi woman escaped her ISIS captors in Mosul, but had to leave her infant son behind

A group of Mosul exiles set up al-Ghad radio station to reach people in their city under ISIS control. The station manager says it's also helping people in the city communicate with one another.

This Iraqi radio station reaches people in Mosul who risk their lives to call in

A woman and her child, having fled Qayyarah, arrive at a front line position.

Life under ISIS is ‘endlessly frightening and endlessly tedious’

Few individuals have gotten close enough to the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Jurgen Todenhofer is one of them. He embedded with ISIS for 10 days in December of 2014.

Meet the man who spent 10 days with ISIS and lived to tell about it


“Sometimes we slept on the same floor — there was just a Kalashnikov between us.”

An employee works at strengthening the Mosul Dam in northern Iraq, in February 2016.

Mosul Dam could be scarier than ISIS


Iraq’s largest dam was built in the 1980s under Saddam. Now US officials warn it’s in danger of failing.

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Experts watch in horror as Islamic State fighters destroy ancient artifacts


A video emerged this week that shows Islamic State fighters destroying artifacts in Mosul, Iraq, dating back thousands of years.